Ignatius: Data
in all things.

Ignatius is your business's all-in-one data management solution, helping elevate projects by transforming raw information into results that matter.

Our Purpose

Change creates noise, and in today’s business landscape that noise arrives in the form of data.

Gigantic swaths of ones and zeros that determine how we operate, plan, grow, adapt, and evolve. It’s extremely powerful, but it can be wildly intimidating and impossible to navigate.

Data must be understood, managed, organized, processed, and deployed effectively to make a difference in the real worlds of business and government.

Ignatius removes chaos from the data equation, one industry, one project, one byte at a time.

Ignatius makes projects easier by using intelligently designed software that streamlines complex data. Ignatius has helped numerous clients and hundreds of thousands of users complete projects on time, under budget, with maximized results.

We help fuel your initiatives with an extremely powerful low-code application that can handle complicated data challenges, calculations, volume, and interfaces.

But, at the end of the day, we’re really just helping people worry less about more data.

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