Developer Resources

Ignatius unlocks data that accelerates projects

Ignatius’s API serves as the building block that allows a variety of disparate software to communicate through a centralized platform and create actionable efficiencies for development.

Robust, Extendible API

With Ignatius’s RESTful API, users can access applications over HTTP with JSON payloads. Users can systematically utilize Ignatius functionality via web apps using Angular, Vue.js, React or a framework of choice. Ignatius handles the heavy-lifting of complicated queries, filters, calculations and authentication through its low-code interface, while you access the results via REST.

Security and Reliability

As a SOC2 compliant system, Ignatius utilizes strict security protocols. Here are just some of the many ways we care for your data


Geo-redundant infrastructure is replicated across multiple availability zones for high availability and reliability. Users have access to 7 days worth of data storage for system recovery.

Data Encryption

All data and documents are encrypted at rest and in motion between Ignatius servers and external web browsers.

Audit Logs

System-enabled audit logs track system and data changes within applications.

OAuth2 Controls

Authentication and access controls are facilitated by way of OAuth2 and multifactor authentication.