Solving complex problems by simplifying data.

Your efficient, trustworthy, expert project and information management partner, saving you time and taking your project to the next level.

Intelligently designed for maximized results.

Ignatius was created for one reason: to tackle complex problems and boost efficiency. Welcome to the wonderful world of streamlined data management.

Create order from chaos

Ignatius’s all-in-one platform enables self-managed applications without IT support. Configure your apps on the fly, and make decisions faster, more accurately and with less resources.

Eliminate the need to maintain separate systems for data warehousing, business intelligence, and front-end applications.

Worry less about more data.

Combine a robust API with the power of automation, and seamlessly integrate with a host of online sources from commercial third-party applications to Open Data

Streamline your systems development.

Conventional systems development is akin to the game of telephone. As information passes from client, to project manager, to business analyst to developer, it’s bound to get lost in translation. Our rapid application development platform puts those responsible for delivering a project in the driver’s seat.

Invest in your business, not digital infrastructure.

Systems are designed to support business functions. Ignatius takes the work out of working with systems. Whether you are modernizing a legacy application, filling the void of an existing system deficiency, or building a platform from scratch, we help scale your applications, so you can focus on scaling your business.

Built for you

Protect Your Data, Scale with Confidence

  • Robust API


Low code. Developer approved.

From rapid application development and one-step deployment to high-level data integration and technical support, Ignatius was designed by developers for developers and non-developers alike.